The long-anticipated Valor of the Guards just arrived today.

Two very nice poster-maps covering central Stalingrad.
Five countersheets. Damn, but punch registration has gotten good. One new vehicle type: the German SdKfz 10/5. Which seems to be a late version of the 10/4. <.< It’s a AA halftrack with a 20mm gun.
Chapter V: 32 pages.
Chapter O: Reprinting six pages of the Red Barricades rules with all the re-used terrain types.
Two copies of the chapter divider, which has all the organizer stuff for the campaign games.
17 scenarios. #1 uses the entire map, and takes 19 turns. It looks like the others are all right around 6 turns.
Four campaign games. One partial map one, two short-ish full map ones, and one big one.

It’s going to take a while just to put a dent in looking at all this….