Okay, I still need to examine the GMT Games pre-order list and talk about all the things I’d salivate over if I had the money and space (who am I kidding? I salivate anyway).

MMP got another nasty shock when it turned out that a wall had shifted a hex on one of the reprinted boards for Few Returned. Oddly, the playtesters are reporting that it was correct on their pre-production copies, so no one is sure where the error came from. MMP is going to make sure that it is correct when they do the bulk reprint of all the maps soon, and will try to make sure that the new version gets distributed (mostly by including it free in the next couple of products).

MMP has also announced that they’re running low on Hollow Legions (again – they did a reprint some years ago) and the next project will be a new version that will include the desert rules (which needs updating to second edition rulebook format) and the desert boards from West of Alamein. This completes a transition that started when they reprinted the British in a European Theater of Operations based module instead of including the desert rules with them. Speaking of which, that module, For King and Country, is out of print because they’re out of boxes and some of the maps. When the map bundle gets printed they’ll offer FKaC in baggies until they can get new boxes printed.

Once all that happens, the main system will be in better shape than it has been since AH was sold to Hasbro (with the RB and all the core modules except the two Pacific ones in print). Here’s hoping it won’t take too long.

Valor of the Guards sounds like it’s nearing the end of the proofing stage. Don’t know when, but it still sounds like well before the year is out to me. Also sounds like work is going well on the Last Hurrah materials which will be included in the Doomed Battalions reprint, and the only thing holding that up.

Promises made for the next batch of things going up for pre-order: Hollow Legions (3rd ed, with Chapter F, 7 boards, and more OOP scenarios), a reprint of ASL Journal 2 (the only one I’m missing…), Kingdom of Heaven (I’ll know what that is when it goes on pre-order…), and some new International Game Series titles.

Meanwhile, it looks like there could be multiple new items for Federation & Empire. Reprints will take four (of eight) slots of the new run of double-sided counters, ISC War needs two, leaving two empty. One may go to ‘Sheet W’ (wishlist) with spares of ships people are likely to run out of; and the other to Tactical Operations, which would have a minimum of new rules, and mostly be new ships (mostly from R11).