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Turn nine has been a turn of surprises for me. The Klingons actually cancelled a couple ships this turn, so they could support maximum carrier builds (D7V, D5V, F5V).

Meanwhile, the Lyrans are rolling in EPs.

Movement was much shorter than I figured. More cripples pulled out to better repair facilities, and the Coalition went in for the Third Battle of Hydrax.

Meanwhile, he pulled back to defensive positions on the Kzinti front. I’m all too aware that my forces are getting spread out, now that there’s more things to protect, and I refused to take the few reactions I could, since I didn’t know what was coming, and what location he might try to pick off on the cheap.

As it turned out, nothing was coming as movement ended.

All quiet on the Kzinti front…

Hydran theater

0119: Hydran: dest RN; Klingons: crip 2xD6D; Lyrans: crip CW
0617: Hydrax I: 3xPDU; Lyrans: crip BC, 3xCW, 3xDW, dest 2xBC
0718: Hydran: dest AH; Klingons: capture planet

If I had examined the forces that went into the Hydran capital, I might have acted differently. The Lyrans had a decent force, and I assumed the Klingons had a fleet just about as big as the Lyrans, but it was only a few small ships.

As it was, he spent one round stripping PDUs over the capital, crippled almost all his big ships and retreated.

However, he has now taken the major planet in 0718, reducing the main grid to the capital and a disrupted province.

I’ve been starting to wonder if I should just abandon the capital shipyard and voluntarily start on a new one in the Old Colonies, but have held off to keep his attention focused down there.

Well, it’s working. The vast majority of his new ships and repairs moved into Hydran space. The Fourth Battle of Hydrax will likely be the last, save any Hydran attempts to take it back.

When I saw ships pulling out of Kzinti space, I was wondering if he was starting preparations for an invasion of the Federation. Not yet. Instead, he used field repair on the new Lyran cripples, moved more ships into Hydran space, and sent money to the Klingons. I’ve been hinting that he should be doing that, but I think watching me do it in Second Wind has brought it to his attention.