Last Wednesday, Dunain re-entered the magical land that has no experience bar. He hit level 70 during a Shattered Halls run.

As you might guess from that screenshot, I was also doing the new Children’s Week quests at the time. The new content for that with Burning Crusade is much like the original set of quests, and grand simple fun.

A few days ago, with help of a loan from a very eager Blanc, he got his gryphon. Once again, that’s been an interesting experience. Being able to fly wherever you’re going is very nice, especially with how vertical certain parts of the world are.

Runs are continuing to happen. We’ve now had two runs where we’ve gotten all the way through Shadow Labyrinth. And on this last run we got the record for number of wipes down to a low of two. Both were on Vorpil, it’s going to be a while before we can do him easily.

I went on my first Steamvaults run Saturday night (the guild had gone a couple times without me). Went pretty well. Farmishi is finally set up to do an Auchenai run and start trying to get the next piece of her Dungeon 1 look-alike set.

Dunain’s current pet projects are to make himself the Nether Chain Shirt, and get Consortium rep for a new ammo pouch.

The former means farming air elementals. Lots of them. Argh.