I’ve been a bit slow really getting involved in the new BC content. I’ve done some questing in the first zone, and am starting to get somewhere with that. The obligatory new draeni, Aldisha, hit level 12 yesterday and is finally moving on to the second starting area. Merisan, a night elf warrior I’ve had for a while now, looks to be my contribution to the now level 20+ team of new characters that’s forming. I expect she’ll go the same way as Farmishi, that is she’s going to see a nice rise in levels as she helps everyone else get through instances. Considering that most, or all, of these won’t be mains either, she’ll probably keep up with everyone else for a while.

I’m keeping Farmishi on continuing lvl 60 instance duty at the moment. I’m sure there’ll still be runs for a while to come.

Though, the last two were in places that Dunain is still trying to finish up with. We did a Upper Spire run, that only got eight people. However, everyone went in with something from Burning Crusade, and most were over 60. The only death was me, as I tried to lead Drakkisath around. I did, however, get a better idea of how I might do it in the future without getting caught.

Most of us then went off and did a dead-side Strathome run. Actually, we did a 45-minute Baron run, with the idea that the newly-increased firepower would make it easier. Which was correct, we actually got through, and did the run with three minutes to spare, and Blondiewood finally got her Dungeon 2 upgrade.

Last night, though, was our first instance run in BC. Hellfire Citadel is a multi-part instance that you get directed to pretty quickly once in Outland. We went in with Blanc, Dunain, Thermidor, Blondiewood, and Asclepius; the only way to get any more classic Muse would be to replace Asclepius with Brunev or Jariedthe.

The Ramparts, the first part, or wing, of the Citadel is pretty simple with three bosses, there’s one quest going in, and another generated by the final boss. Apparently, everything through the first boss should be doable with 60s in vanilla greens. And I’d say that’s about right, the normal stuff certainly gave us no real trouble. The main part was just getting used to what they could do. The final two bosses (well, three, one’s a pair) were decidedly tough and generated multiple wipes between them. A good plan and group is decidedly needed going in, especially if you’re at about level.

That said, they’re quite doable. The main thing is there’s a lot of wide area of effect going on, and our resistances still aren’t where they probably should be. The last pair is exceptionally nasty since a relatively fast fight changes modes a couple times, and certainly left me struggling to keep up with what was going on. Most of the team got something good from the run. Dunain didn’t, but he did finally get to level 61. We have another three active main 60+s who need to do this, so we’re going to have to plan for that as well as doing the sequel wing, the Blood Furnace.

The video is decidedly more demanding on BC. Zangarmarsh (the second area in Outland) has seriously bogged down Haruhi when I’ve gone there. Oddly, Micca does well there, but Smudge reported that Hellfire Ramparts was really bad for her, when I didn’t have any trouble. Upgrading Micca is fairly straightforward if it comes down to it (though I had hoped for another year before even needing this), Haruhi is another matter. I’m already at the limits of what I can do without replacing most of the system.