Okay, this was interesting. It’s the far-future, the galaxy is well-settled, though there’s no sign of aliens. But there’s not just humans. There are genetically-modified animals, given human thought, near-human shapes, and powers beyond normal humans.

The Bestiae are rare, the leftovers of a war to take over the galaxy a generation ago. And given what little we get to know of the society of the core systems of the galaxy, a coup might be well deserved. The novel follows a small group bound together though bonding, a psychic link to form a pack. They seek answers, as what happened twenty years ago has been largely made to disappear, leaving little to no knowledge of that the Bestiae really are.

So, it’s mystery, and adventure, and found family. This first book is complete on its own, but there is certainly more that these characters need to do. I don’t rate it as great, but it is quite good, the action and characters well-done, and just the plot being a little more predictable than I’d like.