I found the first couple episodes of the Konosuba anime pretty rough going before it turned into a truly funny series. And that problem is present here in the original novel too.

The main problem is Kazuma and Aqua as a pair aren’t all that appealing for me, and don’t interact that well. Once you add in Megumin and Darkness partway through, the chemistry really changes and the story starts finding it’s footing.

I will say “start” as even the rest of this book is somewhat episodic, and doesn’t cohere that as a continuous plot (this is was originally serialized as a web story, which means this is more of a short story collection stitched together). However, the various bits do get more developed and better done as it goes on. We also get to see this oh-so-unlikely and dysfunctional team start to come together as a team. Well, kinda. I mean… they’re still all mostly useless adventurers.

At any rate, there is some pain before it gets good, but it does indeed get to be fun fairly quickly, and I recommend the series for fun lighter reading.