The fourth Gold Brick starts right in the middle of the action, with part two of Brianna and an attempt on the leprechauns’ gold. From there, we quickly go back to the big story line, as Gina gets invited to see the secrets of the shadow elves on Jade, and meets… herself.

Physically, this is the same as the previous volume. A collection of 25 color issues, weighing in somewhere around 450 pages. My personal copy also had the binding come lose from the cover, though it is otherwise physically intact. Thankfully, the lettering doesn’t get overly small as much as it did in Volume III.

With 25 issues, there’s time and room for a fair amount of different stories, such as yet another matchup between Ace and Night Flight, which again is very well done, especially from a story perspective. Generally speaking though, more things are tying to the Nomad Artificers, and projects they started when this universe was young…. There’s the usual bevy of new characters, as well as returning villains, and one of the more important stories deals with a return to Dreadwing’s lair, from the original short story.

On the other hand, Brittanny is found to be pregnant midway through, which has its own influence on the stories. Like with any other long-term series like this, life goes on, and the characters evolve. It feels a bit more integrated in Gold Digger, though, and certainly Tiffany Targét Gia is an important story point coming up.