Yeah, this is a really late post. Blame COVID-19, as I’m still waiting for My Hero Academia to finish up. As ever, this is in a rough order of how much I liked it.

My Hero Academia — I’m watching the dub, which got delayed on the Funimation end. At any rate, another fairly solid season. Gentle Criminal has been interesting, and I like how he’s been rounded out. But… the fight did have a lot of ‘if you’d just talk‘, which tends to make me grind my teeth.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Legends — Finally got to see the end, and am now waiting for the English version to pick up with Gen 8. Generally, I was very happy with how all of the ending played out (especially the unmasking of the Masked Marvel), but the ‘moving on’ bit seemed like it all happened a bit fast.

Haikyu — About when I think it’s gone forever, we get another season. It’s been long enough to have forgotten bits (and we flailed around a bit figuring out what was the current series), but it’s still up to the same quality, and still doing a good job of showing with growth comes challenges.

No Game, No Life Zero — Finally managed to squeeze time for this into the schedule. Except for the framing, it’s a fairly independent story (which explains how the world got to the screwed up place it’s in), so I’d think it’d be pretty good to go into cold. I think I like the series more (it’s been way too long), but this is still good, and well worth a watch.

Black Clover — Still catching back up on this. Split between well-done, and too much fight-anime tropes. The padding isn’t… too bad, but the recaps are definitely excessive. I’ve also been having a few problems with the bad guys… but those problems have at least been alluded to. Which is one of the stronger points, the overarching plot so far feels much more cohesive than is often the habit with these.

Meanwhile, we’ve been rewatching a couple things with the guys:

Golden Kamui — We’re about halfway through this, and both Baron and Dave have been enjoying it a lot.

A Place Further Than the Universe — And then we watched this as an antidote. I’ve been very happy that they enjoyed this as well. It an amazingly put together combination of plot and characterization. Probably one of the best put together series of the last few years.