Still on a minimal viewing schedule, and running late on this post. I did attend the CrunchyRoll Expo, and enjoyed it, though the programming felt a bit more ‘corporate’ this year. Didn’t get any video, but did get the soundtrack to Rising of the Shield Hero, and attended an interesting panel with the composer.

Violet Evergarden — Shortly after mentioning this in my last anime post, we hit an episode where it really turned the corner for me, and the second half was unreserved excellence for me.

Demon Slayers — Smudge got me on to this recently, and I’m just past the first season’s worth. This is an excellently done series, and I can see why it’s one of the big things, and why Smudge has passed it on to me. Still, I find myself still somewhat resistant to it. I recommend it, but I feel like it isn’t entirely for me. At the moment, there’s also the problem of the other two major characters are being introduced, and right now they’re really annoying.

Fairy Tail — Okay, this is over. Which is good, as the ending was starting to outstay its welcome. It had been going on for a while, with drama, and climax, and cycling through a large number different villains. After all that, the actual ending was fairly fast, and well done. This may be the first long-form fight anime I’ve seen all the way through.

Saga of Tanya the Evil — Finally got to see the movie. The series ending promised a North African campaign, with Tanya cast as Rommel. I wasn’t looking forward to that as an idea, but I was still annoyed that that promise was broken, and aborted to a prologue. However, the actual plot is very good. There’s some effort towards the new watcher, but see the series first; too much of this isn’t going to make sense without at least seeing the basic setup. I still recommend the series and this, and hope to see more as the writing has been good throughout.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Legends — We’ve seen hints of the start of the tournament arc (yes, I know its over already in Japan, the delay to over here is hideous), but we’re in a largely episodic holding pattern. Still fun, introducing Meltan was a bit mixed, but certainly worth the watch.

Black Clover — Way behind on this, but slowly catching up. It’s interesting that Asta having his arms broken turns into backstory opportunities for other characters. That was a neat way of handling things, and there’s been some important things said for the large arc that the series has going. Often we’re at the point where that’s been mostly forgotten about here.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator — I’m not an anti-hero fan, but there was a hope that Accelerator’s attitude would keep a lot of the weak points of the series this is a spin-off of at bay. That hope died in the second episode when we got a group of villains who insisted on delivering their meaningless monologues. Thankfully, they’ve been largely shunted to secondary status, and in the main this has been better than the recent Index series. If you’ve liked the others, certainly watch this, otherwise… nah.