I’m a bit behind the times again, partly because of watching a dubbed series, which runs behind by a couple weeks, and then being almost done with an older series. Overall, it was a fairly quiet season, though I’m still busy trying to keep up with it all.

My Hero Academia — Well, it’s hardly any surprise by now that this continues to be good. The current storylines have been good, and haven’t been overstaying their welcome.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes — And for the second time this year, I end up seeing anime in the theater. It was well worth it, though the production quality was lower than I expected. I really think it needed to trim out more of the secondary characters and focus the plot better. Despite their efforts, I think a person coming in cold would have trouble following parts of the movie.

Free!: Dive to the Future — And… the boy-candy series still manages to be well-written. There are two problems this time however. One, they keep adding to the cast without letting anyone else drift out, so it’s getting harder to follow everything. They did manage to tie everything back into other plotlines in the second half, which helped a lot, but they’re going to have to trim back. Two, they ended on a cliffhanger. Wait for the conclusion next year.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures — Well we’re continuing to get more ultra-beasts, and now the main cast gets to be a sentai team to deal with them. Thankfully, half the time things do not devolve into sentai antics, and maintain the feel of the pokemon world; but the writers are still having a lot of fun with it.

Now for older things I’ve been catching up on:

Golden Kamui — It sounded somewhat interesting when Smudge originally talked about it, and she talked me into trying it, and it rapidly rose to the top ranks of what I’m watching. Now I’m approaching the end just in time to catch the second season.

March Comes in Like a Lion — Just finished this up a couple weeks back. It’s hard to pin this one down too much, as it’s a slice-of-life series, if an excellently done one. But the characters are all good, and the series manages to find a real good place to wrap things up overall and come to an end.

Dofus: Kerub’s Bazaar — It’s not as good as the original Dofus series, but it’s still a series, and all the tales of Kerub’s adventures allow them to do a very different series from before. Definitely recommended.

Black Clover — This is still the bottom of the ‘watch list’, so I’m a ways behind on it. The writing varies a bit, the Asta is still annoying… but it growing up just enough to be interesting. However, while the writing could use some tightening up, it is not padded. So that makes a shonen fight anime I’m willing to watch.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion — I’ve only tried the first episode of this, but it also looks pretty good. I hope to get back and watch the rest of it, once I can free up some time for it.