After some delays due to financial trouble (more in the order of ‘turbulence’), Smudge and I picked up my new bed yesterday. Putting together the frame was easy enough. It was a bit larger than I was thinking of, however, not disastrously so. I’m going have to think about the layout of my room, but it just needs some adjusting.

(Following the link above, I have the single version of the bed, with a single tatami resting on the frame, instead of the double that is pictured, no headboard, no nightstands.)

The set of drawers that I got with it are bit more trouble. The bed uses a total of six dowels to hold the slats in place, everything else just slides into place neatly, and is very solid. With luck, this will outlast me. The drawers use 20 dowels and eight bolts each (set of two), and took a lot of (careful) pounding to get together. We got one together, and will assemble the other… later.

We put on the tatami (which was much more substantial than either of us guessed), it’s a solid grass mat (I can smell it, it’s still airing out) over an inch thick. and then the futon (mattress), and all the bedding. After getting used to Smudge’s couch futon, this was quite manageable.

Thanks to the drawer, that took much of the afternoon. The evening was spent at Dustykat‘s for Christmas Eve dinner. Not exactly a wild time, but that’s not my kind of thing anyways. ^_^ Besides, we don’t see enough of him these days. Also got to see Tugrik and a couple James Bond films on cable (how… seasonal… ~_^), and the same set of 3-4 commercials a few dozen times.

This morning, my main gift is waking up in my very own bed.

Whee! I’m officially moved in now! No more sleeping on the couch!