The latest anime season wrapped up a little bit ago, but I’ve been slow in getting to the new one, as ‘simul-dubs’ are actually a couple weeks behind.

Konosuba — This series is all the wrongs. And it’s hilarious. I think it helps that I’m watching it with Smudge, and she’s got Phalloide to add comments, but each episode has generally had screamingly funny moments. We weren’t really expecting a second season of this, but the first half especially was really on the mark.

Tales of Zestiria the X — And we get a second season of this. The story has really picked up, and I’ve been enjoying it this season, whereas parts of first season felt more like a chore to get through. I was expecting this to go on for quite a bit longer, but the last few episodes suddenly fell into a final boss climax.

Smudge hasn’t really gotten to trying out anything new from this season, so that’s been largely it. Though recently she introduced me to a few things from previous seasons:

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis — Smudge wasn’t entirely sure I’d like this, but there’s a new/sequel series coming up, so she tried it on me. And I liked it quite a lot. I think I would have gotten thoroughly annoyed with the main character in pretty quick order, but the main plot kicked in in the second half of the first episode, and it drove everything in the rest of the series. Definite recommendation.

Selector: Wixoss — Just recently finished the first storyline, which went two seasons. Take… Madoka Magica and add a CCG as the maguffin. I kind of have to wonder if the creator has ever really played a CCG, as it seems a bit odd. On the other hand, the series stays as far away from the game as a game as it possibly can; it just exists to support the existence of the maguffin. Instead it concentrates on a few characters and the slow reveal of just how messed up the situation is.

Blood Battlefront Blockade — Three Word Title Lotto! The title makes some sense if you stare at it a while, but not really. While does all build to a climatic finale, the first half of the series is more about introducing the cast a bit, and showing just how strange this place is.

And there’s been more Pokemon, but we’ve largely caught up with the collected DVD sets, and the rest is still of fairly scattered availability.

Pokemon XYZ — Well, I’ve seen through the end of the story on this now, and they did a really good job with the wrap up and ending. I’ve also seen the “Legend of XYZ” episode, which was also a really well-done one-off. The final episode still has yet to hit Pokemon TV (grrr), so I’ve seen a horrible fan sub, and it was also good.

Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands — The ‘we need to fill in until there’s more source material to work with’ season. In line with the first part, when it’s on, its good. I definitely appreciate the idea of Ash getting a non-league award to show his progress.

Pokemon: Johto Journeys & Johto League Champions — That last title was way too ironic, considering the bulk of that season is consumed with the trip to one gym. The stories are good, and I definitely appreciate the fact that the three ‘starter’ Pokemon that Ash gets all have their own quirks and problems to work out.