Well, we’re done with another quarter-year season of anime. Only one series continued from last time, and I think one is continuing this time of the four I watched regularly. In rough order of quality:

Classroom Crisis — I missed this for a couple weeks, before Smudge realized this wasn’t going to be a high school harem anime. Instead, this is the star of the season. A very solid SF story involving the ultimate of Advanced Placement classes, corporate politics, and a feud stretching back nearly a century. It concluded very well with episode 13.

GATE — This was the obvious one to watch this season. A gate from a fantasy world appears in downtown Tokyo. After the invading fantasy army is defeated by modern weaponry, the SDF goes through, and gets involved on the other side. It gets into some standard tropes (“Think there’ll be catgirls on the other side?”), and is heading a little more harem than I’d like, but the military is being nicely competent for a change. We’re beginning a new story arc, so I assume there’s another season coming.

Food Wars — Looks like this one is coming to an end, at least for now. It’s been another good season. I’m surprised this continues to work, and it does go way over top with the reactions and exposition, but continues to be well written. Hopefully, this is just a pause, and it’ll be back.

Rokka — The concept is an interesting one. The world feel is more Aztec/Mesoamerican, though only loosely so. Somewhat standard fantasy setup: evil force bursts forth every so often to destroy the world, and a set of six heroes emerge to defeat it. However, all of this is sidetracked into a mystery when seven heroes show up.

And then the older things I caught up on, or didn’t watch.

God Eater — This one is pretty. Someone spent a lot of money making this have a style that looks more like it was painted. The writing however, wasn’t there, and I didn’t bother with more than about two episodes.

Ushio and Tora — Our group is fans of the original OAV series from ages ago, so this was on the ‘highly anticipated’ list. However, I kind of let it slip, and much of the beginning was too familiar from the earlier series. So, I’m way behind, though I recently saw the latest episode, and it was looking good, so I need to catch up on this.

Amagi Brilliant Park — After a delay, finally got to see the rest of this the other night. A really fun series that needs more attention. I would have handled the denouement differently, but that’s me.

Heroic Tale of Arslan — Smudge introduced me to this in the ‘when we’ve seen everything else’ slot, so I’m only a few episodes in (and am watching the dubbed version), but I’m very happy with it.