So the latest season of Anime has just wrapped up. I’ve been doing a fair amount of watching over the last three months, but most of it wasn’t new.

When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace — I hadn’t quite seen the end of this last time. It stayed on target through the end: a fairly light humor series, even if you see parts of something bigger with secondary characters. It’s not a great series overall, but it kept making me laugh, and it had one of the best cases of rules-lawyering to a solution ever near the end.

Yowapeda —Finally, it’s over! It started out as a good cross between geekery and sports, and then slid into stupid shonen tricks, with some episodes just being worthless. It’s pretty obvious that when the series did well, it got more episodes, and just didn’t have any story to put in them. This really needed to be a season or two shorter. That said, the last episode was great, and the perfect note to go out on.

Log Horizon II — And sadly, it looks like we’ve hit the end of this one too. (Hopefully, there’ll be a third season down the road. Or a second season of Maoyu… I know, not darn likely, but I can dream.) Things continue to get more complex… and some of the politics is leaving me behind. Still, it’s a great world, and some interesting ideas (such as the gold farmer bot that is now an adventurer in this world…).

Yona of the Dawn — (Or: Yona: The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn) This one started last season, but Smudge didn’t introduce me to it until after this season started, making it the only new thing I watched this time. And now it’s over too. It’s a good fantasy series with a Korean feel (at least in all the names), that starts with the assassination of a good king… who may not have been what the country needed. After two seasons, we’ve had a couple major plotlines, and finally gathered the main cast (that was a Quest). It’s been good, but the overall story is just getting started, and we’re at the end.

Railgun/Index — With the dearth of everything else, I finally got to see the second half of both these series (and the movie). They’re good, but I like the plotlines in A Certain Magical Index better, and the secondary cast in A Certain Scientific Railgun better. Also: both (and especially Railgun) really need a lot less sexual harassment masquerading as humor.

Fairy Tail — And, still watching this. I’ve seen, oh probably another six seasons (going by the quarter-year seasons, where the opening and ending credits change) worth of Fairy Tail now; two major plotlines (Oración Seis and most of Edolas) worth. The first one dragged out a bit, I think it needed to be at least two episodes shorter to tighten up the pacing. There were several one-shot episodes in between the two major arcs that did a lot to restore my faith in the series after that. Edolas has suffered some from Screaming Villain Syndrome, but has otherwise been good throughout.

Mushishi — And the group of us finally got to watching the bulk of the second series of this for Sunday Night Anime. It lived up to the first series quite well. Nice, quiet, stories of the intersection of humans and the otherworldly.

Natsume’s Book of Friends — And now we’re going through this on Sundays. We’ve only really just begun the series. I saw a little of it when it was first on, and wanted to see more, so I’m very happy to get to see the rest.

And right now, I don’t know of anything new I’m going to be watching next season.