No matter what your profession, people will find a way to interject a bit of creativity.

Microprocessors and other complex integrated circuits can be very interesting to look at just from the standpoint of better understanding their functional complexity. But some have a bit more….

The Silicon Zoo is a collection of what happens when bored or creative engineers can’t help but sneak an image onto an otherwise all-business silicon wafer. (The collection doesn’t start until partway down the page.)

This sailboat is the earliest known example of chip art, appearing on an seventies Texas Instruments chip.

Ironically enough, Waldo was the first thing found by the person who started this collection.

The Marvel Comics version of Thor is one of the most detailed bit of art found yet.

And several are thematic:
Marvin the Martian appears on a chip used in Spirit and Opportunity.
A bulldozer on a chip designed for Caterpillar.
A train next to an actual feature of the chip that resembles train tracks.

And Anubis is still overdrawn…