I have been getting into the habit lately of visiting my parents every year for a week or so at Thanksgiving.

My parents currently live in a mobile home. It’s an aging place, with it’s own share of problems. So, this year, they got a reverse mortgage, bought a new unit, rented a small temporary place, and had the old unit taken out, and the new one put in. This gets them a nicer, bigger place, and an increase in property value (due to the newer place now on it).

The problem is that this got squeezed into the time right before my visit. And things naturally got delayed a bit.

I am leaving for my parents tomorrow, instead of the normal Thanksgiving, and will be down there for a week.

However, while the power has finally been hooked up, and they have phone service, and they were promised DSL service this week, the last has not happened. Right now, the current promise date for DSL is about the 14th.

Considering that I was planning on using some of the free time to work on some stuff on-line… well, that’s annoying. More serious, I’ll be largely out of contact with the wider world for the week. I also wanted to hook them a bit on Goodreads, and I can’t do that either.