Well, we’ve had a secondary machine (Sunshine) set up for scanning for a bit now. We took it off the switcher and gave it it’s own workstation so we had a second machine that could play WoW. This involved taking an old ViewSonic 17PS out of storage and putting it back to active use.

It had gone into storage a few years back when it started having ‘ghosting’ problems. So it wasn’t entirely surprising when it popped occasionally and flickered a bit. Recently, it had gotten more worrisome as it was popping more, and was starting to need more adjustments to the screen controls.

Today, shortly after I turned the machine on, it gave a large fizzing *pop*, I think I noticed a flash of light from the grills in the corner of my eye, and the screen suddenly just had a bright line running down the middle. The magnetic plates that controlled the horizontal sweep of the electron guns were dead.

So, we went out and got Sunshine a brand new LCD monitor. It’s a NEC 1770GX. Not the cheapest thing we could have done, but the most useful. It’s a pretty nice monitor, and we plan on taking it to shows so we can have a video display to catch people’s eyes.

Oh – and if you’re aware of my equipment – my personal ViewSonic 17PS is still hooked up to my computer and seems to be as solid as a rock. (Still, all things considered, I have to wonder how much longer it’s good for….)