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Federation & Empire is a grand strategic game set in the Star Fleet Universe. It can be seen as a battle generator for Star Fleet Battles, but its not really well suited for that. It is heavy, and very fiddly in many respects, but it is one of those all too rare games that puts you in charge of everything. Movement, combat, the allocation of reserves, and most especially, the construction of new units.

It has had a few editions, and each one has slowly corrected the problems of doing a game that wants too many counters. The most recent, 2010, greatly expands the number counters that come with the game, as well as updating the rulebook. Currently, only Fighter Operations has been fully updated to the standard of the latest edition's rules, but the others will work with it without real problems.

After Action Reports:
For the Glory of the Empire! B vs R - The Wind Second Wind
The Four Vassal War Konya wa Hurricane
Key: Rindis: Mark:

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