East Front System

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The East Front System is a very ambitious series of games depicting the Eastern Front in WWII at the operational level. So far, six games have been released, that comprise the "Barbarossa" sub-series which covers a little under the first year of the fighting. The first four are years out of print, but the next step is to reprint them with updated rules and scenarios before going forward with the fighting in 1942.

It is at about the same scale as OCS, with the normal unit size being divisions with a large number of separate regiments and some smaller units, all the way down to companies (usually artillery batteries), and two days per turn. However the supply and air power systems are much simpler than the detail-oriented OCS games.

Currently, the AGN and AGS reprints are on preorder, and the first two games, Typhoon and Army Group Center are scheduled to be offered as a combined package after some redesign work is done.

After Action Reports:
Barbarossa: Double Header Two Small Battles Stalled in Crimea
Panzers 0, Hoplites 1 Destruction on the Sea of Azov


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AGS/KtR/Crimea Vassal Module
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Crimea Vassal Module

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