Available RPGs

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Games Available in the Group
Role-Playing Games
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [1st] Albedo Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Call of Cthulhu Champions DC Heroes
Dragonquest Dungeons & Dragons [B/E] ElfQuest
Fading Suns The Fantasy Trip Flashing Blades
Furry Outlaws Gamma World [3rd] GURPS
Justifiers Metamorphosis Alpha Paranoia
Pendragon Pony Tales Prime Directive
Privateers & Gentlemen Reference System RPG Robotech
Runequest Space: 1889 Star Frontiers
Star Trek [FASA] Star Trek [Last Unicorn] Star Trek [Decipher]
Star Wars Stormbringer Superworld
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenagers From Outer Space TimeLords
Traveller Tunnels & Trolls Universe
Vampire: The Masquerade Warpworld World Tree
Forgotten Realms Mystara Traveller
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