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Successors is a 4-player card-driven game on the wars of the diadochoi, or the generals who fought for control of the empire of Alexander the Great after his death. Avalon Hill published it in the early '90s, as part of the initial crop of CDGs, and I lusted after it for the subject matter, but I did not manage to get a hold of it until GMT's beautiful reprint.

It's fairly unsusal for a CDG, as it has a movement phase that is separate from the card-play phase. The card can be used for an extra move of an army, or to hire troops, as well as for the event. Conversely, the normal movement can be skipped to gain an extra mercenary unit. Another intersting feature is that defeated armies go away for the rest of the turn, but then come back (sans mercenaries), nicely representing the reorganization of a scattered army.

After Action Reports:
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