Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

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Started by Avalon Hill, the GCACW series covers major campaigns in the American Civil War, with a general scale of one mile per hex, and one day per turn. After Hasbro's acqusition of AH, MMP picked up the series and published one further game. After languishing for over a decade, it has been picked up again, with one new game published, and the first game reprinted with an additional scenario and an improved map.

The main series has traced the Eastern theater of Virginia and surrounds through eight games, while a new series on the West was started with Battle Above the Clouds. In addition, MMP published two issues of The Skirmisher, but there is no sign of the magazine continuing at this point.

After Action Reports:
Certain Destruction Awaits Kernstown Kernstown Again
Cross Keys McLemore's Cove Crossing Chickamaugua Creek
The Battle of Chickamaugua


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Collection Status
Stonewall Jackson's Way Here Come the Rebels! Stonewall in the Valley Stonewall's Last Battle
On to Richmond! Battle Above the Clouds