World War II

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World War II can be regarded as the climatic event of world history. It was not a war to end all wars, but was the culmination of generations of political tensions. It was the defining event of the 20th century, and still determines the shape of the world today.

Dates Title Author Rating Description
December 7, 1941-January 1945 Victory in the Pacific Hamblen 6 A high-level light game of the war in the Pacific. It's about as accurate as it can be at this level of abstraction, but provides a very good feel of the strategic situation.
December 17, 1942-March 18, 1943 A Victory Lost Nakamura 7 A minimalist game that presents a good strategic feel for Operation Saturn, and the German reaction, culminating in Manstein's "backhand blow".
Septermber 9, 1943 A Walk in the Sun Milestone 7 A 1945 B/W film that presents the efforts of an American infantry platoon to reach their objectives during the Salerno landings. Nicely done, focuses on characterization, and has relatively little combat for a 'war film'.
June 6, 1944 The Longest Day Ryan 8 A good account of some of the planning behind D-Day as well as the actual fighting.
September 17-24, 1944 A Bridge Too Far Ryan 8 The classic look at Operation Market-Garden.
September 17-24, 1944 A Bridge Too Far Attenborough 8 Based off of Cornelius Ryan's book, this is a well produced movie that manages to keep the viewer from getting confused by the scope of events. Armor shown is the typical 'whatever we can dress up in the right colors', but it's the only film I can think of that shows a PIAT being used.