Here I Stand

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Here I Stand is a six-player card-driven game of the Reformation. The six players represent the six major forces active in Europe at the time, each of which has its own unique abilities and goals in persuit of victory. It is a longish game, and very involved, but does an excellent job of showing the cross-currents and politics of nearly forty years of history, from Martin Luther, to Henry VIII's quest for a male heir.

The game uses one large deck, with a few new cards coming in almost every turn, as well as a few cycling out each turn as 'once only' cards. Each of the six powers (Ottoman, Hapsburg, England, France, Papacy, Protestant) has a powerful 'Home Card' that they get automatically each turn, which adds a fair amount of flavor to the game.

There is also a 2-player variant developed which focues the game down to the Reformation itself, and the struggle betweent the Protestants and the Pope. It was included in the recent deluxe reprint of the game.

In 2012, GMT released a sequel game, Virgin Queen dealing with the next forty years of European history.

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