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Civilization is a classic game by Francis Tresham. It was originally produced by Heartland Trefoil in England, but today the Avalon Hill edition is much better known. It is a somewhat long, but very smooth-flowing game of the rise of civilizations in the Mediterranean basin, from the Neolithic through the Iron Age.

Avalon Hill did a couple expansions for the original. Advanced Civilization kept the same structure as the original, but re-worked the trade cards and advances, and introduced a scoring system that allows the game to be declared finished at a fixed time. The Western Expansion Map extended the field of play to the western end of Europe. While the original game is pretty easy to find, both expansions are rare and command high eBay prices.

You may be aware of a series of computer games with the same name; while Microprose originally licenced the name from AH, the games are not related, and offer very different experiences.

After Action Reports:
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